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Library Instruction

Request a Session in the Library

How to Request a Session in the Library

  • Use the link above to go to our request system
  • You can select a specific date with the “Go to Date” button or select “Next Available”
  • Click on the start time for the class and then select an end-time on the dropdown
  • Click on the “Submit” button, and on the next screen fill out the form to give us more details about the class.

How to Request a Session in your Classroom

  • By request, Librarians can come and do sessions in your classroom instead of in the Library’s instruction classroom.
  • To request a session in your classroom, please email Robin Brown (rbrown@bmcc.cuny.edu).

Information for Faculty

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly after you submit your request, and a second email after your request has been approved. A librarian will also get in touch with you a few days before your scheduled instruction date.
  • Classes take place in room S410M and need to be scheduled two weeks in advance. Any requests received on a shorter notice will be scheduled according to instructor availability.
  • You must attend library instruction classes with your students.
  • Requests for instruction outside of the library’s regular hours will depend on instructor availability. Faculty should contact Prof. Robin Brown (rbrown@bmcc.cuny.edu) directly.

Upcoming Library Instruction Sessions

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