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Aug. 27 - Dec. 22, 2015

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Media Department

Media Librarian / Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Prof. Dorothea Coiffe
Room S410B
(212) 220-1444

Media Collection Manager
Guerda Baucicaut
Room S410S
(212) 220-8000 x7211

About the Media Collection

The library owns approximately 1,300 DVDs, videos and other AV materials like audio cassettes, video discs, filmstrips, and 35-mm slides. Use the Library Catalog to find AV materials in the library.

Search for Videos in the Library Catalog

Command Search

  • Click "Command Search", and type wpd=v to find all videos.

  • Combine more search keywords with AND or OR.

  • Ex. wpd = v AND wsu = slavery will find any videos on the subject of slavery.

More Examples of Command Searches

  • To search all videos and subject field
    wpd = v AND wsu = slavery

  • To search all videos and title field
    wpd = v AND wti = slavery

  • To search all videos and notes field
    wpd = v AND wno = slavery

  • To search all videos and author field
    wpd = v AND wau = burns

Borrowing Items - Students

  • Fill out a reservation request form. (online)
  • A maximum of 1 item at a time can be borrowed.
  • Please bring your valid ID card.
  • Pick up videos and key to the viewing room at the Periodicals Desk (S410Q).
  • Material can only be viewed in the Library in room S410W. With a professor's approval, a student may bring media to a classroom project. The Student Media Request Approval Form needs to be printed, filled out (signed by both the professor and student) and hand-delivered to the Media Department (S410S).
  • The loan period is two hours. If items are not returned on time there is an overdue fee of $10 plus $1.50 per item/per day.
  • The borrower is responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Only our videos may be used in the Screening room.

Borrowing Items - Faculty

  • Fill out a reservation request form. Print forms are available in room S410S.
  • Bring the request form to room S410S with a valid ID card.
  • A maximum of 2 items may be borrowed at a time.
  • Loan period is 2 weeks.
  • The borrower is responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Reservations should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

Renewing Media Items
A request for renewal can be done online or in person through the Media Department one (1) week prior to the due date. Requests for renewal will not be accepted for items that are already overdue. Loans may be renewed only once. You will be informed if your request for renewal has been approved. If not, you must return the item immediately.

Overdue Media Items
Loan privileges of patrons with overdue videos WILL be suspended. Additionally, there is an initial fine of $10.00 plus $1.50 a day for overdue videos.

CUNY Intercampus Loan of Media

The media collection is available to borrowers from all CUNY colleges. For items which will be borrowed from another CUNY college, the Library needs a one month advanced notice.

Borrowing Policy

  • Requests must be made at least 1 month in advance.
  • On time delivery cannot be guaranteed for requests made 2 weeks before showdate, though effort to expedite will be made.
  • Requests should be made only by campus Media Library - not by individual faculty members.
  • All formats will be loaned, with the following exceptions:
    Non Circulating
    Reserved for upcoming classroom delivery

Assisted Technology (A/T) Rooms

BMCC Library has two computers equipped with scanners, to assist certified students with disabilities.

  • To use these rooms, students should obtain a Letter of Certification from the Office of Accessibility in Room N320.
  • Available for use to currently enrolled BMCC students on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • These two (2) computers are housed in Room S410U. Keys are kept at the Circulation Desk in the Library.
  • Available for use ONLY during library hours. There is no time limit placed on their usage.