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Aug. 27 - Dec. 22, 2015

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Head of Reference
Prof. Dorothea Coiffe
Room S410B
Telephone: 212-220-1444

Reference Desk
Room S410
Telephone: 212-220-8000 x8139

The Reference collection is located to the left as you enter the Library. There is always a librarian on duty at the Reference Desk. Don't hesitate to ask questions. After you have become familiar with the Reference Collection you will be better able to use the rest of the collection. Reference materials may not be borrowed for home use. You must make notes from your reading or use the coin-operated copying machines to make copies of the pages you need. Please be aware of copyright.

You have probably used encyclopedias and dictionaries before but you may not be aware of the many specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries that an academic library owns such as the Encyclopedia of Science, The Dictionary of Art, etc. Look around. Other kinds of reference books are: almanacs, atlases, bibliographies, bilingual dictionaries, biographical sources, handbooks and indexes. Reference materials come in all sizes and forms. A number of career books are also kept behind the Reference Desk as well as selected annual reports of corporations.

A number of books on hot topic issues such as AIDS, abortion, capital punishment, suicide, etc. have been designated Ready Reference, and are shelved behind the Reference desk. You must present your validated I.D. card in order to use these materials in the Library.

Currently the Reference Department is also responsible for the Library's electronic resources. Since the Internet stations are intended for information gathering and research, the Library has special rules governing the proper conduct of their use. Some terminals are dedicated to databases only.