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2006-CPE Telecourse  DVD 1 + 259 + 260
The CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE) is an exam that all CUNY community college students must pass to graduate.  (Senior college students must pass the exam to move to their junior year.)  Students should start taking the exam in the semester in which they will reach 45 credits.  It must be taken by the time a student reaches 60 credits.  The CPE reflects the types of skills which students need to succeed in college and the workplace.  Because the CPE involves the type of reading, writing, and thinking that you do in your regular classes, most CUNY students pass the test.  To aid you in preparing for the CPE, BMCC has developed this interactive tutorial.  It is one of a number of options the college offers for CPE preparation.  The BMCC CPE Tutorial is divided into the two tasks.  TASK 1: Analytic Reading and Writing.  The CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE) was developed to test your reading, writing and critical thinking skills. For Task 1 you must show that you can read and understand a pair of passages.

The Adventure of Photography: 150 Years of the Photographic Image (on 2 DVDs- 260min total; 1998) DVD 293 + 294
This is not only the history of an amazing art form, it is also the adventure of one century and a half during which photography has captured the image of the collective conscience.  This introspective journey takes you from the first daguerreotypes to war photojournalism, from fashion spreads to the greatest contemporary artists, this program includes 1700 pictures, 300 artists, and will appeal to all photographers--amateur and professional alike.

American Blackout  (86 min; 2006) DVD 249 Examines the contemporary tactics used to control our democratic process and silence political dissent.  In interviews with Greg Palast, Bob Fitrakis, John Conyers, John Lewis, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Bernie Sanders, American Blackout chronicles the patterns of voter disenfranchisement from Florida 2000 to Ohio 2004 while following the story of Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Angels in America (2 DVDs- 352 min; 2003) DVD  239
Academy Award-winners Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson star in a  political epic about the AIDS crisis during the mid-eighties, around a group of separate but connected individuals.  God has abandoned Heaven.  It's 1985: the Reagans are in the White House, and Death swings the scythe of AIDS.  In Manhattan, Prior Walter tells Lou, his lover of four years, he's ill; Lou bolts.  Joe Pitt, an attorney, who is Mormon and Republican is pushed by right-wing fixer Roy Cohn toward a job at the Justice Department.  Both Pitt and Cohn are in the closet: Pitt out of shame and religious turmoil, Cohn to preserve his power and access.  An angel invites Prior to be a prophet in death.  Directed by Mike Nichols and written by Tony Kushner based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

The Art of Mexico (50 min; 2006)  DVD 292
Trace the foundations of Mexican art from it’s roots in such Indian masterworks as the colossal stone heads of the Olmecs, the stunning jewelry of the Mixtecs, and the famous ritual and sacred objects of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

Benny Goodman: Adventures in the Kingdom of Swing (60 min;1993)  DVD 306 A comprehensive documentary covering Goodman’s career, this biography includes rare performance footage from the ’20s and ’30s, studio rehearsal footage from the ’50s, home movies, rare audio tracks, and video footage of Goodman recounting his own life.  It also includes interviews with family, friends, and jazz contemporaries.

Body Atlas (5 DVDs, 13 episodes; approx. 25 min. each).
New techniques film the interior workings of the body in action.  A computer-graphic "see-through" man and woman show the complex geography inside the human body.  Miniature, internal cameras, X-Ray, and heat-sensitive images reveal the complexities of the human body in this 13-part series.

DVD 283.1 -In the Womb/Glands & Hormones
DVD 283.2 -Muscle & Bone/Breath of Life
DVD 283.3 -Skin/The Food Machine/Taste & Smell
DVD 283.4 -Visual Reality/Defend & Repair/Sex
DVD 283.5 -The Human Pump/Now Hear This/The Brain

The Bronte Sisters: Great Women Writers (45 min; 2006) DVD 300
Emily Bronte began writing poems at an early age and published twenty-one of them, together with poems by sisters Anne and Charlotte.  The slim volume only sold two copies, which led all three to begin work on novels: Emily on Wuthering Heights, Charlotte on Jane Eyre, and Anne on Agnes Grey.  Emily died of tuberculosis at the age of 30, and never knew the great success of her only novel.

Brother Minister: The Assassination of Malcolm X (120 min; 1994).  DVD 212
The 1965 murder of militant Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X remains a vivid, controversial incident, sparking a decade of federal court cases.  Jack Baxter's riveting documentary Brother Minister re-examines the case, offering new information on the links between Malcolm X's death and investigation and such figures as Louis Farrakhan and J. Edgar Hoover.  Includes an exclusive interview with Malcolm X's secretary, James 67X.

Celebrating Bird: The Triumph of Charlie Parker (58 min; 1987) DVD 305
This film represents the first substantial documentary devoted to virtuoso saxophonist and bebop icon Charlie Parker, whose wildly inventive style and hip charisma made him a legend well before his untimely death at 34.  Parker’s huge, ultimately self-destructive appetites and sad demise long ago confirmed him as a poster boy for the doomed romanticism associated with the jazz life, and arguably apotheosized in a number of the bop era’s most brilliant players.  While the film closely explores Parker’s creative genesis doesn’t ignore his life as a long-term heroin addict.

CEO Exchange: Complete Season (2006-10 episodes; approx. 60 min. each).
Hosted by veteran television journalist, Jeff Greenfield, CEO Exchange is a series of conversations with today's most dynamic chief executives.  Viewers are offered a look inside the minds of those who lead the businesses that impact our lives and influence global trends.  Each episode brings together two innovative leaders for a discussion about themselves and their companies.

DVD 221 - Winning the Game: The Rough & Tumble Business of Sports- David J. Stern & Allan H. "Bud" Selig.
DVD 222 - The Dream Team: Turning Big Ideas into Multibillion Dollar Businesses- Robert L. Johnson & Bill Marriot.
DVD 223 - High Energy: Putting the Brakes on Fuel and Transportation Costs- Gary C. Kelley & William  E. Greehey.
DVD 224 - Toys and Games: Changing the Way We Play- Robert A. Eckert & Robert A. Kotick.
DVD 225 - The Prognosis for Health Care: Is the Industry Alive and Well? -Gerard Kleisterlee & Fred Hassan
DVD 226 - That's Entertainment!: New Ways to Enjoy TV, Movies, and Music- Bob Wright & Doug Morris.
DVD 227- Down Main Street: The Bank and Drugstore in the 21st Century- Kenneth D. Lewis & Thomas M. Ryan.
DVD 228 - Multimedia in the Digital Age- Brian L. Roberts & Harold W. McGraw.
DVD 229 - Staking a Claim to the Future- Edward J. Zander & Edward M. Liddy.
DVD 230 - Happy Customers: The Recipe for Success- Blake W. Nordstrom & Jim Donald.

The Chess Players (Shatranj Ke Khiladi) (115 min; 1977, Urdu with English subtitles) DVD 204.
This film features two narratives: the first is based on Premchand's short story about two hookah-smoking zamindars playing interminable games of chess; the second dramatizes the conflict between Wajid and General Charles Outram.  This is a colorful period drama about colonialism and indigenous culture set in 1856, at the court of Wajid Ali Shah in Lucknow.  Satyajit Ray's so-called Hindi debut film (it is actually in Urdu), features major Hindi stars, but it was refused a commercial release by local distributors because of the director's Calcutta art-house reputation.  Stars Sanjeev Kumar, Saeed Jaffrey, Amjad Khan, Richard Attenborough, and Shabana Azmi.

Comedies of William Shakespeare (5 DVDs- 690 min total).
Shakespeare's comedies have long been the favored choice for discerning playgoers.  This BBC collection offers the Bard's lighter works and Britain's finest actors, including Helen Mirren, Nigel Davenport, John Cleese, and Gemma Jones, directed by Jonathan Miller.  As You Like It,  Taming of the Shrew, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Merchant of Venice are a five-course feast for the senses.

DVD 216 - The Tempest
DVD 217 - The Taming of the Shrew
DVD 218 - A Midsummer Night's Dream
DVD 219 - The Merchant of Venice
DVD 220 - As You Like It

Connections I (5 DVDs, 10 episodes; approx. 50 min each).  DVD 285.1-285.5
This winner of many international awards is a wonderful intellectual romp.  First aired in 1978 on British TV, James Burke creates a series that will fascinate students and adults alike by turning science into a detective story.  As the “Sherlock Holmes of science,” Burke tracks through 12,000 years of history for the clues that lead us to eight great life-changing inventions.  This interdisciplinary approach has a never before been applied to history or science and it succeeds tremendously. 

285.1- The Trigger Effect & Death in the Morning
285.2 - Distant Voices & Distant Voices
285.3 - The Wheel of Fortune & Thunder in the Skies
285.4 - The Long Chain & Eat, Drink and Be Merry
285.5 - Countdown & Yesterday, Tomorrow, and You

The Conquerors (3 DVD – 12 episodes; 540 min. total). DVD 215.1-215.3
Here are twelve of history's greatest military leaders, from the Bible to World War II.  This History Channel presentation re-creates their greatest victories in a riveting nine-hour documentary.  This set discusses King David, Julius Caesar, El Cid , Hernan Cortes, William the Conqueror, Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Tecumseh Sherman, General William Howe, John C. Fremont, Andrew Jackson, and Marshal Zhukov.

Core Biology (4 DVDs, approx. 30 min each).  Journey through the major turning points in the biological sciences.  Dating back to 322 BCE when Theophratus founds botany to the 21st Century attempts to understand plant science, animal science, and environmental science.  Current high profile issues such as Global Warming are examined.

DVD 323 – Zoology or Animal Sciences
DVD 324 – Environmental Sciences
DVD 325 – Microbiology and Genetics
DVD 326 – Botany or Plant Sciences

Cubanissimo: A History of Cuban Music (90 min; 2004, Spanish with English subtitles). DVD 234
Cuba's vibrant musical heritage is celebrated in this lively program, which pays homage to many of the colorful figures who contributed to the evolution of cha-cha, bolero, rumba, salsa, mambo, and other styles. Through archival interviews and photographs, the program offers an up-close look at the legacy of Beny More, Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, Bola de Nieve, and many more.

Derrida (85 min; 2002- In English and French with English subtitles). DVD 201
An award-winning expose on the "father of deconstruction," 20th century French author and philosopher Jacques Derrida, whose rethinking of the founding principles of Western metaphysics profoundly influenced the fields of literature, philosophy, ethics, architecture, and law.  Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman delve deep into Derrida's complex life and work, with interviews and commentaries by Derrida and his contemporaries.

Destination America  (240min; 2005) DVD 266
This far-ranging documentary focuses on America's makeup as a "country of immigrants", exploring the historical motivations of families who traveled here, the cultural exchange that has taken place on American shores, and the frustrations, hardships, and ambitions associated with being a stranger in a foreign land.

Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery & Imagination  (330 min total; 2006)  DVD 269.1-269.4
Distinctively full of untimely deaths, loss, mutilation, fear claustrophobia, agony and revenge, Poe’s nightmarish vision and tortured soul vividly emerge in the dramatizations of some of his stories: The Fall of the House of Usher; The Oval Portrait; Berenice; The Black Cat ; Ligeia; The Cask of Amontillado; Mr. Valdemar; The Tell-tale Heart; Morella; The Pit and the Pendulum; The Masque of the Red Death, parts 1 & 2.  Also includes a bonus program: "Biographical portrait of Edgar Allan Poe.

Einstein's Big Idea -- Nova (120 min) DVD 200
In this period recreation, Nova examines the meaning behind E=mc2 and the scientists whose work help set in motion the history-changing theory presented by an obscure patent clerk named Albert Einstein.

Emily Dickinson: Great Women Writers (45 min; 2006) DVD 301
Poet Emily Dickinson decided against publishing her poems, and during her lifetime only seven of her works were published.  At the time of her death, she left behind over 2000 poems.  Because of her life of solitude, she was able to focus on her world more sharply than other authors of her time.

Environmental Issues and Human Impact (22 min; 2006) DVD 247
Tells of the effects of pollution, and what society needs to do to repair the environmental damage.A delicate balance Global warming and climate change & human’s impact if all would just reduce, reuse, recycle.

An Evening with O. Henry (80 min.; 2001) DVD 254
Two dramatic adaptations of tales by the great short story writer plus a documentary overview of his life and career.  The Gift of the Magi: A timeless, romantic tale of a young couple's attempts to buy each other a Christmas gift in spite of their economic struggles and the ironic place where fate leads them.  The Last Leaf: The story of the friendship between two artists--one stricken with pneumonia.  O. Henry: A Life in Stories: This program details the many occupations the author held during his colorful lifetime and the gift for narrative twists that made him so successful.

GATTACA (106 min; 1997)  DVD 188
In the genetically engineered world of Gattaca, children are born with perfect health, a high IQ and a long lifespan.  The “bioformed” have inherited the earth, and babies who are born naturally become menial laborers, like space center cleaner Vincent (Ethan Hawke).  He is determined to become a crewmember on a Saturn moon expedition, and fights back by borrowing DNA from the paralyzed, but gene-perfect Jerome (Jude Law).  Also stars Uma Thurman, Alan Arkin, Tony Shalboub, Gore Vidal, Loren Dean, and Ernest Borgnine.

The Golden Age of TV Comedy (5DVDs- 630 min. total; 2006). DVD 211.1-211.5
A wide-ranging collection of 25 rare and nostalgic episodes of early TV sitcoms that include The People's Choice, The Beulah Show, The Jack Benny Show and many more!

Harlem Renaissance: The Music & Rhythms that Started a Cultural Revolution (75 min; 2004) DVD 302
Recounts the vibrant personalities and remarkable cultural movements that flourished in America’s leading Black community during the 1920s and 1930s. A fabulous look at Harlem and its greatest musicians of the 20s, 30s and 40s: with extraordinary archival, full song performances by Fats Waller, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Dorothy Dandridge, Cab Calloway, Mills Brothers, Tiny Grimes, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Sidney Bechet, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, and others.  It also features commentary by distinguished historians and the performers themselves.

Hidden Internment: The Art Shibayama Story (27 min; 2004) DVD 257
Reveals the lesser-known history of the Japanese Latin American Internment through the life story of Art Shibayama, who was taken from Peru in 1944 and interned in a Dept. of Justice camp in Crystal City, Texas. He was just one of over 2,000 Latin Americans who were forcibly uprooted and interned. Despite his incarceration, Art and other Latin Americans have been denied the redress that has been provided to Japanese Americans.

A History of Black Achievement in America  (4 DVDs, 8 episodes, 27 min. each) DVD 284.1-284.4
An outstanding and comprehensive eight-part series presented by James Avery that brings much-needed balance of the exemplary contribution of African Americans and their role in shaping U.S. history, society, and culture.  It provides lessons in American history that all races ought to learn and appreciate.

DVD 284.1 - (1619-1849).  Settling the New World and Founding the United States of America & Emergence of the Black Hero
DVD 284.2 - (1851-1986).  The Fight for Freedom & Blacks Enter the Gilded Age
DVD 284.3 - (1904-1943).  The Foundation for Equality & Depression and War
DVD 284.4 - (1950-2004).  Civil Rights & A New Age

The Hobart Shakespeareans (56 min; 2004). DVD 255
Compelling and inspiring documentary portrait of Rafe Esquith, a passionate teacher in a violence-stricken Los Angeles neighborhood, who equips his Asian-American and Latino students with the tools they'll need to defy long odds.  Through field trips, theatre productions, and engaging lessons on everything from Shakespeare to math, Esquith is a powerful antidote to pessimistic attitudes about the possibilities of public education in America.

Hotel Rwanda  (122 min;  2004) DVD 189
Terry George's gut-wrenching and harrowing film captures the political events that led up to the massacre, including the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers and American and European personnel who were the last hope for nearly a million defenseless Tutsis.  Don Cheadle powerfully and effectively plays the role of Paul Rusesabaginarises, a hotel manager, who secretly intervened to protect 1200 Tutsis from the brutal and astoundingly swift genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994.  Nick Nolte, Joaquin Phoenix, and Sophie Okonedo are also devastatingly effective in ancillary roles.

The Human Language Series (3 part series, 55 min each). DVD 288-290
A captivating series hailed by renowned linguist Noam Chomsky.  The only attempt ever made to "explain language" in a visual way that all people will enjoy and truly understand.  Among the issues covered: is language an inherited faculty with which all humans are born?  If spoken language is unique to our species, how did it evolve?  Is it true that all the world's 5,000 tongues are like dialects of one language - the human language?

Imperial Grand Strategy: The Conquest of Iraq and the Assault on Democracy (120 min).  DVD 207 Controversial public intellectual Noam Chomsky delivers a pair of timely and provocative lectures in this wide-ranging program.  Imperial Grand Strategy, given at the University of Manchester, offers a stinging rebuke to many of the rationales given for the war in Iraq.  The Assault on Freedom and Democracy, delivered at Merrimack College, discusses broad geopolitical concerns and the United States' history of "democracy-building" abroad.  In addition, the program includes a fascinating interview with Barry Pateman of the Emma Goldman Archives, in which Chomsky discusses his embrace of anarchist principles.

Iron & Silk (94 min; 1999) DVD 286 + 287
In this autobiographical film, Mark Franklin studies and practices martial arts for two years in China. In the process, he learns much about himself and traditional Oriental ways.

It's All About Dancing (109 min; 2006). DVD 263
The style, history, and language of Jamaican dancehall culture is explored in a pulsing documentary that explores the revolutionary sound that emerged in the wake of reggae.  With contributions and appearances by Beenie Man, Elephant Man, T.O.K., Mr. Vegas, Richie Feelings, Ice, Sadik & G-Unit, and other dancehall stars.

Isaac Bashevis Singer: Great Writers Series (45 min; 2005?)  DVD 295
In 1978 Isaac Bashevis, Yiddish language writer and American national, received the Nobel Prize for literature.  His works have been translated into 24 languages and several of his best-known books have been adapted as films, including Yentl and Enemies.  The program presents Singer’s life story, examines the social and political events that influenced his work, and includes commentary, archival documents and rare interviews.

Jane Austen: Great Women Writers  (45 min; 2006) DVD 299
English author Jane Austen lived from 1775-1817. Her novels are highly prized not only for their light irony, humor, and depiction of contemporary English country life, but also for their serious underlying qualities.

NEA Jazz in the Schools. (2005)  DVD 262 
Explores the early history of jazz and its place in American history in the early 20th century.  Dana Gioia (Chairman of the NEA) takes a step-by-step journey through the history of jazz, integrating that story with the sweep of American social, economic, and political developments.  "Jazz is one of America’s great indigenous art forms, born from generations of African Americans who synthesized different music traditions into an entirely different sound.  Jazz speaks profoundly of the American experience because of its democratic nature, both in practice, through collaborative and improvisational qualities of performance, and its important social role as an early meeting place for people of different races.  Jazz may well be considered America’s most influential and distinguished musical export."

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall  (52 min) DVD 252
Based on the short story by Katherine Anne Porter, and starring Geraldine Fitzgerald and Lois Smith.

John Hope Franklin- First Person Singular (60 min;1998). DVD 240
Track the career of octogenarian John Hope Franklin, the historian who rewrote U.S. history.  His major work, From Slavery to Freedom, forever changed historians' perceptions of the African-American role in building America.  Franklin describes the difficulties of growing up black in America: slights, strife, opportunities denied.  Yet against a grim backdrop, his indomitable spirit shines through, in an uplifting tale of triumph over adversity.

Killing Us Softly 3 (34 min; 2002) DVD 31
Discusses the manner in which women continue to be portrayed by advertising and the effects this has on their images of themselves.

Lady Day: The Many Faces of Billie Holiday (60 min; 1991/2003) DVD 304 
Features rare TV and movie clips, along with commentary by a stellar group of jazz instrumentalists and singers who knew Billie Holiday  well.  Covering both her triumphs and tragedies in this hour-long documentary leaves out the more sordid aspects of Holiday’s life (her drug and alcohol addictions, her disastrous relationships with abusive men) in favor of careful consideration of her music.  Those who played with her, influenced or inspired by her, or worked with her offer testimonials.  Together, they paint a portrait of a woman who was tough and vulnerable, sad and defiant, an unschooled musician who became a supreme innovator.

The Latin Americans (28 min; 1998) DVD 264
The earliest and largest of the colonizers of the Western Hemisphere were from "Latin Europe," that is Spain, Portugal and France.  Today, Latin Americans populate most of the Americas.  While the population of the US & Canada exceeded 270 million by 1998, the Spaniards/Portuguese speaking population in the Americas exceeded 450 million at the same time.  This program presents this exciting, important story.

Latin Beat: Latino Culture in the United States (120 min; 2000/2003) DVD 320 
Drawing on interviews with more than fifty major personalities from a broad cross-section of disciplines ... analyzes and celebrates the growing influence of Latino culture in the U.S. ... guests include artist Andres Serrano; poet Pedro Pietri; composer Luis Dias; dancer Paloma Herrera; actor Guillermo Diaz; fashion designer Willey Esco; photographer Mariluz Gordillo; radio host Paco de Radio Mega; TV producer Gamelier de Jesus; Newsweek editor Veronica Chambers and Washington Post journalist Jaime Manrique.

Legacy : The Origins of Civilization  (3 DVDs, 6 episodes ;approx. 60 min. each).
Legacy takes a different viewpoint from other series that concentrate primarily on the Western view of history.  Visiting China, India, Egypt, the Middle East, Greece, and Mesoamerica, this series traces the rise of both Asian and Western civilization.  Join historian Michael Wood as he stands in the Iraqi desert amid crumbling ruins and dry desolation describing a once-thriving metropolis, where merchants brought their goods into the city over a network of lush canals.

DVD 282.1 - Iraq: The Cradle of Civilization & India: The Empire of the Spirit
DVD 282.2 - China: The Mandate of Heaven & Egypt: The Habit of Civilization
DVD 282.3 - Central America: The Burden of Time & The Barbarian West

A Lesson Before Dying (105 min; 1999). DVD 233
Based on the New York Times No.1 bestselling novel.  In the 1940's South, an African-American is wrongly accused of the killing a white store owner.  In his defense, his white attorney equates him with a lowly hog, to indicate that he didn't have the sense to know what he was doing.  He is convicted and sentenced to die, but his mother and aunt (Cicely Tyson) asks that the local school teacher (Don Cheadle) go to his cell each day to try to reaffirm to him that he's not a dumb animal but a man with dignity.

Life and Debt  (86 min; 2003)  DVD 49 
Jamaica became an independent country from Great Britain in 1962. It is the land of sea, sand, and sun, but it is also a prime example of the complexities of economic globalization on the world’s developing countries.  Effectively portrays the relationship between Jamaican poverty and the practices of international lending agencies, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), while driving home the devastating consequences of globalization.

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (167 min; 1992). DVD 203
Chomsky provides shocking examples of media deception as he analyzes the media and democratic societies.  A film that has achieved deserved cult status for its remarkable call to Chomsky's charge for viewers to "extricate themselves from this web of deceit by undertaking a course of intellectual self-defense."

Miss Evers' Boys (118 min; 1997).  DVD 235
Based on the shocking true story, this film tells of a 40-year government backed medical research effort on humans, which led to tragic consequences.  It is 1932 when loyal, devoted Nurse Eunice Evers (Alfre Woodard) is invited to work with doctors on a federally funded program to treat syphilis  Free treatment is offered to those who test positive for the disease.  When the government withdraws its funding, money is offered for what will become known as "The Tuskegee Experiment", a study of the effects of syphilis on patients who don't receive treatment.  Now the men must be led to believe they are being cared for, when in fact they are being denied the medicine that could cure them. Miss Evers is faced with a terrible dilemma-to abandon the experiment and tell her patients, or to remain silent and offer only comfort.  Also stars Laurence Fishburne Obba Babatunde). 

The Motorcycle Diaries (Diarios de Motocicleta) (127 min; 2005) DVD 245
An inspirational adventure, based on the true story of Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Alberto Granado, whose thrilling and dangerous road trip across Latin America becomes a life-changing journey of self-discovery.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (130 min; 1999/1939) DVD 251
Stewart plays a freshman senator in Washington D.C. who becomes involved in political infighting when a project of his is undermined by unscrupulous others who want to build a dam.

Story of the Movies: Teacher’s edition of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (2006) DVD 270 includes more than 30 clips, allowing students to study film as never before--by focusing on key film language concepts & significant scenes from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  Students will learn how to see a film-NOT just watch it.  They will understand that film is a language; they can study how images are framed, sequences, paced, & combined with sounds to create meaning.  They will also learn that film is a collaborative art, guided by a director’s vision.  They will explore not just the story content but also the cinematography, writing, production design, acting, visual and sound editing, and musical score that are all part of the filmmaking process.

Mystery of the Maya (40 min; 1996). DVD 202  
Filmed on location throughout Central America, this visually breathtaking film explores the history, culture, and science of Mayan civilization.  The film examines how spirituality was tied to almost every aspect of the Mayan life and offers some stunning images of temples, pyramids, and palaces.

A Night in Havana: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba (84 min; 1988/2005)  DVD 303 
Part travelogue, part concert film; this documentary is an enjoyable tour through the origins of Afro-Cuban jazz and one of its earliest purveyors, Dizzy Gillespie.  This film captures notable musical moments from his trip to Cuba, as well as quiet reflections on the importance of Afro-Cuban music to his art and sense of self.  During his heyday in the 1940s, Dizzy was one of the first American jazz musicians to incorporate the electrifying sound of Afro-Cuban rhythms into a big-band setting.  Forty years later, the legendary jazz trumpeter was invited to Cuba, the wellspring of his inspiration, to headline the Fifth International Jazz Festival in Havana.  The journey, as documented in this star-studded film, was a spiritual and triumphal homecoming for the musical genius.

Nightly Business Report: 25 Most Influential Business Persons (46 min; 1998) DVD 231
Who are the 25 most influential persons in business, finance and economics of the past 25 years?  Nightly Business Report and The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania set out to answer that question.  The results are revealed in this expanded version of the NBR Silver Anniversary special program.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?  (103 min; 2003)  DVD 191
The Coen Brothers direct & rework Homer's The Odyssey as a modern screwball comedy about three chain gang escapees who find adventure, danger and hillbilly music superstardom as they go after the loot they have hidden away.  High comedy and visual extravagance highlight this widely praised feature. Stars George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, John Goodman, Charles Durning, and Holly Hunter.

Oh Happy Day (60 min).  DVD 199
A foot stampin', hand clappin' reach for the heavens in these live performances of gospel music superstars, including Shirley Caesar, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Walter Hawkins and the Hawkins Family, Rev. James Cleveland and The Clark Sisters.

Oliver Twist (130 min; 2005)  DVD 275 
A slightly darker version of the classic Charles Dickens tale. After living in poor conditions, Oliver runs away to the streets of London. There he meets a gang of pickpockets and soon Oliver’s life is changed forever.

Olivier's Shakespeare: Henry V / Hamlet / Richard III  
When the man dubbed the greatest actor of the twentieth century, Sir Laurence Olivier, decided to transplant his passion for Shakespeare to the big screen, it was no surprise that the results were awe-inspiring.  These three adaptations are still widely considered the definitive film versions.

DVD 186 - Henry V (1944, 137 min) is a colorful historical spectacle that includes he battle of Agincourt and serves as a stirring patriotic metaphor for England's survival in WWII.  Also stars Robert Newton, Leslie Banks, and Renee Asherson. 
DVD 187 - Hamlet (1944, 137 min.) won four Oscars, including Best Picture and Actor.  Although it's a significantly condensed version of the original play, Olivier's performance and solid filmmaking mark it as an historic feature also with Jean Simmons, Felix Aylmer, and Peter Cushing.
DVD 188 - Richard III (1955, 158 min.) moves away from the brooding, austere staging of the early works to a delirious Technicolor treatment of the ruthless tyrant who seizes his throne and wages war at Bosworth.  Also stars Claire Bloom, Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, and Stanley Baker.

Osama (82 min; 2003).  DVD 190
One of 2003's most powerful films, and the first feature filmed in post-Taliban Afghanistan, is a poignant look at the lengths a small girl will endure to ensure her family's survival under the oppressive Taliban rule.  Based on a true story, the film follows a 12-year old girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to work to earn money for food.  Taking the name Osama, the girl attempts to blend into the male-dominated society without drawing the suspicions of the authorities.

Oscar Wilde Collection (2 DVDs- 4 episodes; 500 min. total). DVD 209
The top talents of British screen and stage fill this four-video tribute to the genius of writer Oscar Wilde. The Life and Loves of Oscar Wilde (60 min.)  An Ideal Husband (1969) stars Jeremy Brett and Susan Hampshire, while The Importance of Being Earnest (1988) features Gemma Jones, Joan Plowright, and Rupert Frazer.  Lady Windermere's Fan (1985) features Kenneth Cranham and Helena Little.  The Picture of Dorian Gray (1976) stars Sir John Gielgud, Jeremy Brett, and Peter Firth.

Paul Robeson: Speak of Me as I Am (58 min; 2007) DVD 291
The story of an African-American man who influenced and was one of the front-runners of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s is shown in this program that also examines his life as a scholar, athlete, humanitarian, artist, and other things.

Paul’s Case (52 min; 1980).  DVD 196
Based on the short story by Willa Cather, and starring Eric Roberts and Lindsay Crouse.

The Poetry Anthology (50 min. each; 1999/2006)

DVD 270 - The Augustan Poets An enlightening guide to the work of the Augustan Poets including the works of the poets John Dryden, Alexander Pope, and Samuel Johnson.
DVD 271 - The Romantic Poets  A study of the prominent poets of the Romantic period featuring the works of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats and Byron. Includes interpretation and analysis by Dr. Robert Woof, Dr. Julia North and Derrick Woolf.
DVD 272 - The Victorian Poets   Features the works of Victorian poets including Hopkins, Swinburne, Arnold, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Tennyson.  Includes analysis and interpretation by Dr. Nick Shrimpton, Dr. Peter McDonald, and Dr. Julia North.

Poetry in Motion (90 min; 1982/2002) DVD 237
Feature documentary that explores the nature and vision of contemporary poetry.  It introduces the work of 25 North American writers by showing them discussing and reading their work.  A performance film of contemporary poets that celebrates poetry’s ancient oral tradition; here twenty-four leading North American poets sing, chant and read from their own works.  Participants: Helen Adam, Miguel Algarin, Amiri Baraka, Ted Berrigan, Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, John Cage, Jim Carroll, Jayne Cortez, Robert Creely, Christopher Dewdney, Diane Di Prima, Kenward Elmslie, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, John Giordano, Four Horsemen, Michael McClure, Ted Milton, Michael Ondaatje, Ed Sanders, Gary Snyder, Tom Waits, and Anne Waldman.

Raising Cain: Boys in Focus (120 min; 2006). DVD 214
America's boys are in trouble.  Child psychologist Michael Thompson, Ph.D., explores the emotional development of boys in America today.  This documentary provides surprising new research about boys' inner workings, dispelling a number of commonly held misconceptions, and highlights innovative programs that are bringing out the best in boys.

Raymond Carver: Cathedral (56 min; 2002)  DVD 319 
"Robert, a blind man and now a widower, has come to visit his friend and her husband.  Prompted by a television show, the apprehensive husband asks Robert if he really knows what a cathedral is: his answer is a lesson in how truly to see.  This dramatization of Raymond Carver’s classic short story ‘Cathedral’’ presents a minimalist exploration of loneliness, vision, and personal spirituality.  An interview follows with Carver’s widow, Tess Gallagher, whose poem ’The hands of the blindman’ is excerpted in the production"

Raymond Carver: Great Writers of the 20th Century (53 min; 2004) DVD 321
In this program, fellow writers, Carver’s wife, and others discuss his lower-middle-class roots in the Northwest as the source of inspiration for his characters and stories.  In rare interviews filmed before his death, Carver speaks candidly about his alcoholism, and his struggle to maintain his writing career in the face of looming financial problems and growing family demands.  Readings from several works, Gravy, Everything Stuck to Him, Bad Home Life, Tell the Women We’re Going, and the poem, ’Bankruptcy’, highlight the disturbing plots and working-class language for which Carver is most noted.

Rebels with a Cause (109 min; 2000) DVD 267
Uses archival footage and interviews with activists involved to trace the history of Students for a Democratic Society through the 1960’s.  Growing out of student involvement with the black civil rights movement in the South, SDS grew quickly with the escalation of the war in Vietnam.  Discusses how the Black Power movement shook the SDS and the women’s movement grew out of it.  After 1968, the SDS was thrown into internal conflict with the Weathemen faction and the surveillance of the FBI.  Interviewees talk about the legacy of the SDS for them.

Real Women Have Curves (86 min; 2002). DVD 246
This is the story of Ana, a first generation Mexican-American teenager on the verge of becoming a woman.  She lives in the predominately Latino community of East Los Angeles.  Freshly graduated from high school, Ana receives a full scholarship to Columbia University.  Her very traditional, old-world parents feel that now is the time for Ana to help provide for the family, not the time for college.  Should Ana leave home, go to college, and experience life?  Stay home, get married, and keep working in her sister's struggling garment factory?  It may seem like an easy decision, but for 18 year-old Ana, every choice she makes this summer will change her life.  Right now, she may be making clothes for less shapely women.  Ana is about to discover that real women take chances, have flaws, embrace life, and above all, have curves!

The Reduced Shakespeare Company (90 min; 2000) DVD 253
Described as "intellectual vaudeville" by The New York Times, the madcap spoof The Reduced Shakespeare Company became the longest running comedy on the London stage.  The complete works of William Shakespeare are presented in a hilariously abridged fashion, including the dispensing of all the Bard's comedies in one fell swoop (because the tragedies are funnier).  Othello is presented as a rap song, Titus Andronicus becomes a cooking show, and there's much more zaniness as well.

Richard III  (104 min; 1995). DVD 185
Sir Ian McKellen leads an all-star cast including Annette Bening, Robert Downey, Jr., Nigel Hawthorne, Maggie Smith and more, in this updated film adaptation of the Shakespeare play.  This film places the story in a fictional but loosely veiled representation of England in the 1930s, where pomp and fascism seem eerily well matched.

Romeo and Juliet (138 min; 1968) DVD 184
Franco Zeffirelli’s adaptation of Shakespeare's classic is one of the most popular.  The film stars Olivia Hussey, Leonard Whiting, and Michael York, who bring new vitality and fresh insight to the world's most durable love story.  It is the recipient of international acclaim and four Academy Award nominations.

Roots of Rhythm (150min; 1994). DVD 327
Harry Belafonte hosts this globetrotting, star-studded celebration tracing the history of Latin music. With 40 songs performed by Tito Puente, Gloria Estefan, Dizzy Gillespie, Desi Arnaz, Celia Cruz, King Sunny Ade, Isaac Oviedo, Ruben Blades, and more.

Rosamond Bernier: French Impressionism: The Cast of Characters (55 min; 1989/2006)
Close on 150 years ago a great new source of happiness was brought into the world by a group of French painters who soon became known as the Impressionists. Their names were Edouard Manet, Berthe Morisot, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, and Paul Cézanne.  Every year, the renowned lectures given by Rosamond Bernier at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are sold out months in advance.  Her lectures are really conversations, intimate chats about artists, their friends, their society and their work. As co-founder of L’Oeil, the influential vanguard art magazine published in Paris, Bernier became friendly with Matisse, Picasso, Miró, Léger, Braque, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Duchamp and many other modern masters.  This lecture has a depth that only a firsthand acquaintance would allow.

Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge (3 DVD-6 episodes;345 min. total) DVD 213.1-213.3
Examines critical worldwide threats from old diseases and bizarre new ailments resistant to modern medicine.  The 6-episode series profiles such diseases as Ebola fever, SARS, the West Nile virus, HIV/AIDS, and the avian flu.  Titles include: "Disease Warriors," "Rise of the Superbugs," "Delivering the Goods," "Deadly Messengers," "Back to the Basics," and "How Safe are We?"

Shakespeare Behind Bars (92 min; 2004). DVD 278
In this engrossing documentary, a group of convicted felons at LaGrange Kentucky's Luther Luckett prison mount a production of William Shakespeare's 500-year-old play The Tempest and discover that the Bard's themes resonate in the unlikeliest of places.  The all-male cast wonderfully evokes the play’s mix of frivolity and melancholy.  The documentarians Hank Rogerson and Jilann Spitzmiller enlarge on the experience by incorporating illuminating interviews with the participants.

Shapes of the Invisible (72 min; 1998). DVD 197
High definition cameras and electron microscopes fluidly zoom in on everyday objects and living things to reveal their unseen structure and beauty.  This gives us an unparalleled view of the world that exists beyond man's natural eyesight.

Spirit Doctors (30 min.). VHS 920
Folk healing has been part of the Mexican culture since pre-Columbian days.  This tradition still flourishes in the Mexican American communities of the lower Rio Grande Valley.  This film follows three healers in their daily work, a healer, a curandera, who uses a variety of herbal and spiritual techniques, and a traditional partera, or midwife.

Super Size Me (100 min; 2004)  DVD 242
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock embarks on a journey to find out if fast food is making Americans fat.  For 30 days he will not eat or drink anything that isn’t on McDonald’s menu; he must eat three square meals a day, he must eat everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked. He treks across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and a number of regular folk while downing McDonald’s to try and find out why 37% of American are now overweight.  Spurlock’s grueling diet spirals him into a metamorphosis that will make you think twice about picking up another Big Mac.

That's My Face (É Minha Cara) (60 min; 2003) DVD 256   
Filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris travels to Africa and Brazil in search of his spiritual ancestors.  Winner of the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival, this documentary presents a visually rich and deeply evocative journey of self-discovery.  Set to an innovative score by Vernon Reid (Living Colour), this profound cinematic experience offers a refreshing perspective on African-American identity.

They Made America (240 min; 2004).  DVD 198
This documentary chronicles the numerous inventions and contributions that have transformed America and the world.  From the development of steamboat service to cable news, from Barbie dolls to hip-hop, the resourcefulness of Americans repeatedly shines through.

Thin  (102 min; 2006).  DVD 238
This HBO documentary takes us inside the walls of Renfrew Center, a residential facility, in South Florida, for the treatment of women with eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), closely following four young women (ages 15 - 30) who have spent their lives starving themselves, often to the verge of death.

This is America (2 DVD set - 8 episodes; 194 min. total).  DVD 206
Charles Schultz’s Peanuts gang travel through time for a tour of American history in this collection of 8 classic episodes.

Tillie Olsen Discusses "I Stand Here Ironing” (17 min; 2005) DVD 322
“Can you imagine?  That woman went on for pages just about ironing.  Standing there ironing!” said an unimaginative judge about Tillie Olsen’s short story, submitted in a competition for a fellowship at Stanford University.  Olsen credits that fellowship, which she won, as the catalyst that transformed her back into a professional writer after 20 years of motherhood.  In this interview conducted by historian Peter Carroll, Tillie Olsen—known for her powerful writings about the inner lives of the working poor, women, and minorities—discusses her autobiographical “Help Her to Believe,” serendipitously renamed “I Stand Here Ironing.”

Tillie Olsen: Ironing Out Life: "I Stand Here Ironing" (33 min; 2005) DVD 318
Based on a short story set during the 1930s, this autobiographical dramatization is about an impoverished working-class mother who must hold down a job and care for her children at the same time.  Central to the plot is the metaphor of a mother ironing her daughter’s dress as she mentally attempts to "iron" out her uneasy relationship with her oldest daughter through a stream-of-consciousness monologue.  The story exemplifies the unfairness of some women’s lives and portrays the self-doubt of mothers when they know their children need more nurturing attention.  The story raises questions about individual identity, the role of women in society, the effects of poverty and abandonment on children, and the nature of intimacy.

A Touch of Greatness: A Great Teacher and the Lives He Influenced (54 min; 2004)  DVD 268
A Touch of Greatness is a feature-length documentary film focusing on the extraordinary work of Albert Cullum, an elementary school teacher for over twenty years and a pioneer in American education.  Championing an unorthodox educational philosophy, Cullum regularly taught his elementary school children literary masterpieces, most notably the works of Shakespeare, Sophocles, and Shaw.  Combining interviews with Cullum and his former students with stunning archival footage filmed by director Robert Downey, Sr., the film documents the extraordinary work of this maverick public school teacher who embraced creativity, motivation, and self-esteem in the classroom using poetry, drama, and imaginative play.

Tough Guise: Violence, Media, and the Crisis in Masculinity  (Full version- 105 min; 2002) DVD 250
While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward students to examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.  This documentary systematically looks at the relationship between the images within popular culture and how society constructs masculine identities in the U.S.A. in the late 20th century.  

Triumph of the Will (122min; 1935- In German with English subtitles).  DVD 205
As an historical record, a cautionary example of propaganda filmmaking, and, yes, as a work of art, Leni Riefenstahl's documentary film of the 1934 Nazi Party Rally in Nuremberg stands as one of the most important movies ever made.  Enormously controversial to this day, the film's powerful imagery retains its dramatic impact even as its message offends.  Hitler, Hermann Goring, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler and other architects of the Holocaust are glorified in this troubling, yet beautifully filmed work.  Essential viewing for film and history scholars or for anyone who wants to understand how even the darkest sort of leadership can be reinforced through media manipulation.

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties  (68 min; 2004) DVD 258
Discusses how the USA PATRIOT Act has taken away checks on law enforcement and continues to endanger the civil liberties of all Americans under the guise of being part of the war on terrorism, and how paranoia, fear and racial profiling have led to gross infringements on freedom and democracy without strengthening national security.

Voices in Wartime (74 min; 2004) DVD 248
A documentary that delves into the experience of war through powerful images and the words of poets -- unknown and world famous.  Soldiers, journalists, historians, and experts on combat interviewed in Voices in Wartime add diverse perspectives on war’s effects on soldiers, civilians, and society.  Also included is Beyond Wartime, a short documentary composed of a set of interviews with people who are working to heal the wounds of war, exploring the questions raised, but not answered, by Voices in Wartime.

Waging A Living - P.O.V. (85 min; 2005).  DVD 210 
Shot over a 3-year period in the Northeast and California, this observational documentary captures the dreams, frustrations and accomplishments of a diverse group of people who struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck. By presenting an unvarnished look at the barriers that these workers must overcome to escape poverty, this program offers a sobering view of the elusive American Dream.

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (97 min; 2005) DVD 243
Wal-Mart: the high cost of low price takes you behind the glitz and into the real lives of workers and their families, business owners, and their communities, in an extraordinary journey that will challenge the way you think, feel and shop.

War of the Worlds (117 min; 2005)  DVD 274
A working class man in New Jersey tries to protect his troubled family from invading aliens.

When Hell Freezes Over, I'll Skate (60 min; 1979/2003)
8 member ensemble from the Urban Arts Theater sings and dances in a celebration of Afro-American/African-American music, song, life, and poetry since the days of America’s Civil War..  Includes the poetry of Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and many others.

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (2 DVDs: Act I 65 min; Act II 62 min; Act III 58 min; Act IV 70 min). DVD 329 + 330.
The world watched in horror as Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005. Many were shocked, not only by the scale of the disaster, but the slow, inept, and disorganized response of the emergency and recovery efforts. Structured into four acts, each dealing with a different aspect of the events that preceded and followed Katrina’s catastrophic passage through New Orleans. Tells the heartbreaking personal stories of those who endured this harrowing ordeal and survived to tell the tale. HBO Documentary Films and 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks present a Spike Lee film/2006. "This is a very strong film. It contains explicit language as well as images of people who have died. It is rated for ages 14 and older. As with any program, this documentary should not be shown without a pre-screening by the instructor or group facilitator."

Where Words Prevail (60 min). DVD 265
As Voice Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Cicely Berry has influenced many top actors, using her techniques to bring classical plays to life on stages around the world.  This documentary follows her work from rehearsals in Stratford-on-Avon to workshops in Seoul, New York, Moscow and the slums of Rio de Janeiro--all places where the master communicator teaches the power of the human voice.

Why Shakespeare?  (21 min; 2004)  DVD 261  
Various famous and not so famous individuals state the effect that Shakespeare’s works have had in their lives.  A main video presentation accompanied by seventeen vignettes.

The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (180 min; 1993- In German with English subtitles) DVD 208 An exhaustive, infuriating, and unforgettable documentary about Leni Riefenstahl at age 90: actress, filmmaker, propagandist, personal friend of Goebbels and Hitler, photographer, and explorer.  Filmmaker Ray Mueller confronts Leni as she seeks to remold her image from that of a master propagandist and Nazi to that of a noble and heroic victim of history.

Zora Neale Hurston: A Heart with Room for Every Joy (42 min; 2005) DVD 317
This video examines the rich legacy of the writings of Zora Neale Hurston, a writer of novels, short stories, folktales, plays, and essays.  Hurston combined a hunger or research and a desire to penetrate the deepest of popular beliefs with a truly exquisite narrative talent.  This illuminating biography tells the story of a free spirit who achieved national prominence yet died in obscurity—examines the rich legacy of her writings, which include Mules and Men, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Tell My Horse, and Dust Tracks on a Road.