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100 Greatest Discoveries (450 minutes on 5 DVDs)
Join host Bill Nye as he recounts the 100 most important discoveries – and explains how each one has had a hand in shaping the modern world, from the miniature world of genetics to the vast expanse of space.  

Evolution & Earth Sciences - DVD 168.1 
Medicine & Physics - DVD 168.2
Astronomy & Chemistry - DVD 168.3
Genetics, & Biology - DVD 168.4  
Top Ten - DVD 168.5

Antonio Machado (Spanish with English subtitles, 50 minutes) DVD 148  
Filmed at locations throughout Spain, this program offers a literary retrospective of one of the leading poets of the Generation of ’98, Antonio Machado.  Machado scholar José Carlos Gallardo and Manuel Núñez Encabo of the Antonio Machado Foundation provide insightful commentary on the poet’s life and works, including Soledades, Nuevas Canciones, Juan de Mairena, and his masterpiece, Campos de Castilla.

Apogee of the Golden Age (Spanish with English subtitles, 50 minutes) DVD 178  
During the 17th century, Spain witnessed a flowering of letters that was nourished by religious zeal, epic adventures, and a new sense of realism.  In this menu-driven DVD, leading scholars provide insights into the writings and personalities of Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, and other giants of Spanish literature.  Dramatic readings include excerpts from Cervantes’ Don Quijote and Los Trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda, Vega’s Fuenteovejuna, Tirso de Molina’s El Burlador de Sevilla, Calderón de la Barca’s La Vida Es Sueño, and Francisco de Quevedo’s "Poderoso Caballero Es Don Dinero".  Can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive.

Avoiding Plagiarism (23 minutes) DVD 153  
Using someone else's words, ideas or artistic creations without acknowledgement is plagiarism -- and whether it's deliberate or unintentional, it can have serious consequences.  Avoid plagiarism by understanding how to organize time and research notes; quote, paraphrase and summarize information; and properly document and cite sources.

Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour (82 minutes) DVD 140  
Barbie doll is not just the world's most popular toy; she's a Rorschach test, revealing attitudes about sexuality, body image, gender roles, and creativity.  Journeying from Barbie conventions to anti-Barbie demonstrations, from girls' play dates to Barbie web pages, Barbie Nation plumbs the cult of the Barbie doll, telling the Barbie stories of men, women, and children.  At the center of Barbie Nation is the story of Barbie creator and Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler & her ironic rise; and fall and is about the creation of femininity and the marketing and subversion of femininity's icon.

The Best of Nature (660 minutes on 6 DVDs)
Emmy award-winning programming bring the world's best-loved animals to your screen.  Get to know these creatures in a fresh and intimate way, as you learn their habits, their personalities, and their unique survival challenges.

Pandas - DVD 180.1: Meet endangered pandas in their natural habitat and witness the efforts of the San Diego Zoo to raise a panda in captivity. 
Bears - DVD 180.2: Gain a rare insight into the lives and habits of giant grizzly bears.
Dogs - DVD 180.3: Witness some of the extraordinary things dogs do as our companions, protectors, and assistants. 
Horses - DVD 180.4: Take a ride on beautifully trained horses and get a rare and privileged look at horses in the wild. 
Chimpanzees - DVD 180.5: Join Jane Goodall for a fascinating look at chimpanzees in the wilds of Tanzania.
Birds - DVD 180.6: Experience the wondrous behavior of the world's most extraordinary birds, from warlike falcons to talking parrots.

The Brain: Our Universe Within (250 minutes on 3 DVDs)
Join Dr. David Suzuki investigates the evidence that our minds – thoughts, feelings, spirituality, and creativity – are merely complicated networks of biochemical reactions.  Imagine the dramatic social implications this theory could have on the world today.  Discover the chemicals behind cognition and journey inside the mind for a look at what makes us all tick.

Evolution & Perception - DVD 165: Evolution of the brain's physical architecture; Perception our life experiences physically change our mental make-up – and the way we perceive information from our senses charts the activities of the mind, such as memory and thought.  
Memory & Renewal - DVD 166: learn how the brain has the ability to reconnect neural pathways
Matter Over Mind - DVD 167: Explore the mental faculties that are most difficult to define – consciousness, creativity, emotions, and sense of self.

Commander in Chief (156 minutes on 3 DVDs)
See what is it like to control the mightiest military power in the world?  This 3-part series presents the dramatic stories of American presidents in times of crisis, taking viewers inside the Oval Office and the war room.  The videos use internal White House documents, personal diaries, archival footage, and interviews with advisers to show how each President made his crucial decisions.

George H.W. Bush (Sr.) - DVD 159
Richard M. Nixon - DVD 160 
William Jefferson Clinton - DVD 161

El Sí de las Ninas: Leandro Fernández de Moratín (Spanish, 90 minutes) DVD 152
An older man, Don Diego, wants to contract marriage with Currita, and counts on the complicity of her mother, Dona Irene, who is looking for a marriage advantageous to her daughter.  Originally presented as a segment of the television program, El Teatro based on the book by Leandro Fernández de Moratín.

“El Sur:” Los Cuentos de Burgos (Spanish, 58 minutes DVD 179)
In this story, a descendant of famous ancestors dreams of more heroic times … until a serious accident takes him to the doors of death, where the past and the present mingle—and where he meets his final destiny.

“Emma Zunz” Los Cuentos de Burgos (Spanish, 52 minutes) DVD 150
Beneath the timid personality of 19-year-old Emma Zunz there lurks a thirst for vengeance.  In this tale, Emma’s father, wrongly accused of a crime, commits suicide, sending her on a search for the real culprit.  Contains mature themes.

Everybody's Ethnic: Your invisible Culture (21 minutes) DVD 146
Viewers hold a mirror to their own culture.  Includes footage of Mexico's Day of the Dead celebration, a Balinese funeral, street life in New Delhi, and compares these to cultural norms in modern American society.  Discover yourself by exploring other cultures.  Culture is like eye color.  Your eye color is obvious to anyone who sees you, but you cannot see the color of your own eyes without some kind of reflection.  This video helps viewers hold a mirror to their own culture.

Frida Kahlo: Portrait of an Artist (Spanish, 28 minutes) DVD 144  
The works of Frida Kahlo, one of the 20th century’s most prominent artists, are included in museums and private collections the world over.  This documentary incorporates archival material, readings from journals and letters, and interviews with friends and scholars to retrace the life and work of one of Mexico’s most highly recognized painters.

Gender And Communication (22 minutes) DVD 141
Go behind the scenes of a local news TV station & look at producers Jasmine, Fran, and Bill & how their conversation turns to the ways men and women communicate.  Based on the premise that males and females learn different ways to relate, live-action segments demonstrate how males are more competitive and females are more relational.  Episodes demonstrate how active listening can help males get along better with females, and how women can become aware of weak speech patterns-- such as tag questions, upward inflections, disclaimers, and hedges.

Hurricane Katrina: The Storm That Drowned a City: NOVA (56 minutes) DVD 173
On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, killing at least 1,300, destroying over 600,000 houses, and turning downtown New Orleans into an uninhabitable swamp.  NOVA looks at what made hurricane Katrina so deadly and analyzes how, despite sophisticated defenses and disaster relief planning, this event has resulted in destruction on an unprecedented scale for the Gulf Coast region.  The documentary also examines the question of whether storms, like Katrina, are increasing in power and frequency and how the long-term ecology of New Orleans and the shrinking wetlands steadily increased the city's vulnerability.  Special DVD features include materials and activities for educators; a link to the NOVA Web site; scene selections; closed captions; and described video for the visually impaired.

The Life & Poetry of Julia de Burgos (28 minutes) DVD 142
This docudrama portrays the life and work of the great Puerto Rican poet, from her impoverished childhood in Puerto Rico, to her political involvement as a young woman in the nationalist movement, to her subsequent exile in Cuba and New York where she died in 1953.

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo (90 Minutes) DVD 177  
This Emmy nominated program presents her life as a reflection of her cultural history, her art and the times in which she lived.  Frida Kahlo was more than a great painter: her life and art reflected the maelstrom of revolution and culture that defined the first half of the twentieth century.  She was at times a socialist, a communist, and a revolutionary.  This film combines her artwork with photographs, archival films, and interviews.

Lost Boys of Sudan: P.O.V.  (90 minutes) DVD 171
This documentary follows two Sudanese refugees on an extraordinary journey from Africa to America.  Orphaned as young boys in one of Africa's cruelest civil wars, they survive lion attacks and militia gunfire to reach a refugee camp in Kenya along with thousands of other children.  Remarkably, they were chosen to come to America.  Safe at last from physical danger and hunger, a world away from home, they find themselves confronted with the abundance and alienation of contemporary American suburbia.

Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind: American Experience (90 minutes) DVD 174
Powerful orator and pompous autocrat; Marcus Garvey inspired loyalty in millions of African Americans while infuriating their leaders.  A strong advocate of black self-help, he inspired thousands to support his economic schemes by forming the Universal Negro Improvement Association, but a financial scandal forced him to flee to New York.  Elderly people recall attending Garvey's rallies and parades with their parents 80 years ago, providing touching and fascinating insights.  Newsreel footage shows the fervent crowds who flocked to Garvey, who took to wearing grandiose costumes in public.  Before long, an obscure young Justice Department attorney named J. Edgar Hoover was writing reports denouncing him as a "notorious Negro agitator"  as the federal government sought to destroy Garvey.  A mail fraud charge led to Garvey's imprisonment and eventual exile in England.  This documentary uses archival film, photographs, and documents to portray the controversial immigrant, born in Jamaica, who built history's largest black mass.

The Math Life (51 minutes) DVD 181
Why did a magician become a mathematician?  How can a person see in four dimensions?  What does a mathematical proof have in common with a Picasso portrait?  This elegant program brings to life the human dimension of mathematics through lively interviews with Freeman Dyson, David Mumford, Ingrid Daubechies, Persi Diaconis, Michael Freedman, Fan Chung Graham, Kate Okikiolu, Jennifer Tour Chayes, Peter Sarnak, Steven Strogatz, and 7 other mathematicians.  These captivating luminaries vividly communicate the excitement and wonder that fuel their work as they explore the world through its patterns, shapes, motions, and probabilities.  Computer animations and analogies drawn from the visual arts are incorporated, to maximize accessibility to the fascinating concepts discussed.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: A World of Art (52 minutes) DVD 145
This world-renowned museum in New York City is a comprehensive 3-D encyclopedia of art history.  This program introduces viewers to the history of art through the Met’s vast assortment of treasures that spans 5,000 years of world culture and fills two million square feet of floor space.  Featured European and American pieces are drawn from the Met’s collections of ancient, Renaissance, 18th-century, 19th-century, and early modern art.  Also highlighted are works from Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Mesoamerica.

Murder and Mayhem (180 minutes on 3 DVDs)  

Mind of a Serial Killer - DVD 169.1 Follow the FBI's psychological detectives as they race against time to penetrate the mind of a serial killer- and stop him from striking again.
Hunt for the Serial Arsonist - DVD 169.2 Trail along with fire sleuths as they discover the mysterious source of a series of L.A. store fires, and capture a surprising suspect.
The Killer's Trail - DVD 169.3 Dr. Sam Sheppard's trials for the 1954 murder of his wife Marilyn gripped the nation for years before he was cleared.  Using advanced crime-solving techniques, NOVA revisits the controversial case for new clues.

The Murder of Emmett Till: American Experience DVD 175
The shameful, sadistic murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till, a black youth who whistled at a white woman in a Mississippi grocery store in 1955, was a powerful catalyst for the civil rights movement.  Till's killers were apprehended, but quickly acquitted by an all-white, all-male jury, later providing grisly details of the murder in a story to journalists.  Three months after Till's body was found, the Montgomery Bus Boycott began.

One Wedding and a Revolution (19 minutes) DVD 147
On February 12, 2004, the mayor of San Francisco ordered city officials to allow lesbian and gay couples to get married.  Pioneering gay activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, celebrating their 51st anniversary together, had the privilege of being the first couple to tie the knot.  Packed with humor, compassion, and political grit, this inspiring short documentary puts a human face on the fight for marriage equality --- of those who deserve their rights and those who have the political power to make change.

Organizing Research (23 minutes) DVD 154  
A successful research project depends on evaluating, analyzing, and selecting information; developing and refining a thesis; and using quotes effectively to support an argument.  The key to tying together solid sources, credible facts and supporting details into a cohesive and effective product is organization.

The Other Side of Outsourcing: Thomas L. Friedman Reporting (50 minutes) DVD 156
What happens when the demands of the global economy – with all of its excess baggage of Westernizing forces – collide with the deeply held traditions of an age-old culture like India's?  Journalist Thomas L. Friedman heads to the heart of the conflict and examines how this clash of cultures is affecting the everyday lives of Indian workers, many of them young people, who are caught in the middle.  Learn how this noble, proud society is coping with a struggle unlike any it's ever faced: balancing the desire to benefit from the opportunities offered by the new world market with internal efforts to protect their cultural heritage from the eroding influence of American values.

The Persuaders: Frontline (90 minutes) DVD 172
Examines the "persuasion industries" -- advertising and public relations.  See how advertisers cut through consumers' growing resistance to their pitches, marketers have developed new ways of integrating their messages into the fabric of our lives, using sophisticated market research techniques to better understand consumers.  Also, see how advertisers and PR firms turn to the little-understood techniques of public relations to make sure their messages come from sources we trust.

The Real Eve (100 minutes) DVD 155
Reveals that our shared genetic heritage links every living person on earth and traces the expansion of modern humans throughout the world.  The discovery of the Eve gene stunned the world.  It seems we could all be descended from just a few females.  In this film, we access the very latest DNA reconstructions, and for the first time, we tell the conclusive story of where, when and how the human race came about and then populated the world.  Narrated by actor Danny Glover

Rings, Kings, & Things (90 minutes) DVD 143  
Journey through ancient myths, epic adventures and modern fantasy literature.  From the Greek and Norse myths and Beowulf, to the Arthurian legends and The Lord of the Rings, the Standard Deviants explore the classics of fantasy literature by introducing the themes, plots and characters whose legends have endured to the modern day.  The program covers topics such as the definition of fantasy, heroes, The Magic Touch, magic objects, wizardry, fantasy basics, monsters, dragons, and theme analysis.

Secret History of the Credit Card: Frontline (60 minutes) DVD 176
The average American family today carries 10 credit cards.  Credit card debt and personal bankruptcies are now at an all time high.  With no legal limit on the amount of interest or fees that can be charged, credit cards have become the most profitable sector of the American banking industry: more than $30 billion in profits last year alone.  FRONTLINE examines how the credit card industry became so pervasive, so lucrative, and so powerful.

Science of the Sexes (105 minutes)
This definitive trip around male and female anatomy confirms what our bodies know, but we often forget: men and women are made for each other! 

Different by Design - DVD 163: Looks at the sexual progression from adulthood to old age.
Growing Up - DVD 164 : Follow Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and world-renowned expert on gender differences, to Africa to determine if the development of the male and female brain could be linked to our evolutionary past.
The Siglo de Oro: Picaros and Mystics (Spanish with English subtitles. 50 minutes) DVD 149  
At the onset of Spain’s Golden Age, the genres of pastoral fiction and mystic poetry attained their fullest expression while the picaresque story made its bracing debut.  In this menu-driven DVD, respected authorities scrutinize the lives and works of those who paved the way for Cervantes, Vega, and Góngora.  Dramatic readings include excerpts from the anonymously written Lazarillo de Tormes, Mateo Alemán’s Guzmán de Alfarache, Jorge Montemayor’s Los Siete Libros de la Diana, and poems from Fray Luis de León and San Juan de la Cruz.  Can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive.

Slam Nation: The Sport of Spoken Word (91 minutes) DVD 162
This documentary captures the cutthroat world of spoken-word poetry.  Beginning in New York City at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe's Grand Slam tournament, the film follows slam champion Saul Williams & 3 other top poets, Beau Sia, Mums the Schemer and Jessica Care Moore, as they go to the annual National Poetry Slam, otherwise known as the Super Bowl of spoken-word – Poetry.  Here the drama unfolds, as rivalries are revealed, and controversies arise, underscoring larger questions of art versus ego and self-expression versus self-advancement.  Contains potentially offensive language.

Slavery and the Making of America (240 minutes on 4 DVDs)
This groundbreaking documentary presents a detailed look at the institution itself, a national practice that helped transform tiny colonies into the world's strongest nation.  The program asserts that U.S. slavery gradually evolved from a loosely defined labor system, under which Africans and their descendants retained legal and property rights, into the tightly regulated enslavement of individuals based solely on race.  Actor Morgan Freeman narrates the series.

Downward Spiral - DVD 170.1  
Liberty in the Air - DVD 170.2
Seeds of Destruction - DVD 170.3
The Challenge of Freedom - DVD 170.4
Spain: The Birthplace of a Language (Spanish, 28 minutes) DVD 158
This program traces the linguistic foundation of the Spanish language and the historical influences that have shaped modern Spanish in general and the Castilian culture in particular: the Roman Empire, Catholicism, and Islam.  Grammatical constructs, gender, and articles are also discussed.

Swim Basics with Dr. Jane Katz (30 minutes) DVD 157
Using her Water Exercise Techniques (W.E.T.), Dr Katz highlights fundamental swim techniques and teaches efficient coordination of fitness swim strokes.

Zoé Valdés (27 minutes) DVD 151  
Born in Cuba to Chinese parents, award-winning novelist Zoé Valdés has achieved worldwide recognition for portraying the struggles and dreams of women.  This program highlights her upbringing, education, and influences, as well as examining several of her most important books, including La Hija del Embajador and Te Di La Vida Entera.  (Spanish with English subtitles, 27 minutes)