Trial Databases

Business Management and Economics

Subject: Business Management and Economics
Description: Provides a comprehensive overview on issues and concepts in strategic management.
Full Text: Yes

Gender Watch

Subject: Social Sciences and Gender Studies
Description: A unique and diverse publications that focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas.
Full Text: Yes

Sage Premier

Subject: Criminal Justice, Health, Law, Social Science and Sciences
Description: Covers journals in the social sciences, criminal justice, health & medicine, sciences and inter disciplinary studies.
Full Text: Yes

Sage Research Methods

Subject: Reference, Social Sciences, Library
Description: Covers information resources for research methods.
Full Text: Yes

Sage Video

Subject: Media, Social Sciences
Description: Streaming Video collection in the social sciences.
Full Text: Yes

The New Oxford Shakespeare

Subject: Literature
Description: Online version of The New Oxford Shakespeare.
Note : Access is via username and password
Username: cuny-oxford
Password: cuny-oxford
Full Text: Yes