eBook Instructions and Frequently-Asked-Questions

1. How Can I Access eBooks from the Library?

There are two ways to access ebooks:
Either through the Library Catalog or the collection page, where patrons can browse ebook databases.

2. Do I Need Special Software to Download eBooks?

Two ebook databases require Adobe® Digital Edition: Ebrary and Ebscohost. However, Ebrary allows for the creation of PDFs similar to their page printing limit. All other ebook vendors, such as Ovid, Springer, and Palgrave, offer a PDF download.

3. Where Can I Get Adobe® Digital Edition?

Patrons can download Adobe® Digital Edition here. The software is free.

4. How Can I Access eBooks from Off-Campus?

Patrons need to log on using their BMCC Portal username and password in order to access and download ebooks. Off-campus instructions for the library’s electronic resources can be found here.

5. Can I Print eBooks?

Yes, it’s allowed. But, permissions may vary from vendor to vendor. Printing limitations can be found here.

6. Can I Borrow eBooks?

Patrons may choose to view any ebook within the BMCC ebook collection, without borrowing it, by clicking on the ebook link. Ebscohost and Ebrary ebooks may be borrowed for seven (7) days and fourteen (14) days, respectively. Patrons must create a MyEbscohost account to borrow an ebook from Ebscohost. Patrons need to log in using their BMCC Portal username and password in order to borrow ebooks from Ebrary while on or off-campus.

7. How Can I Return eBooks if I Borrowed Them?

When the loan period ends, the ebook is returned automatically and available for others to use.

8. How Can I Access an eBook if Someone Borrowed It?

For Ebscohost, there is a limit to the number of simultaneously borrowed ebooks. If someone else borrowed an ebook, a patron may still access the ebook’s table of contents and opt to receive e-mail notification when the ebook is available.

9. How Can I Access an eBook if the Link is Not Working in the Library Catalog, either On or Off-Campus?

If an ebook title link is not working in the Library Catalog, try to access the title in the appropriate ebook database on the collection page. Please report the dead link to the library.

10. Can I Borrow an eReader from Library?

Yes, patrons can checkout ereaders for seven (7) days from the library’s Periodical Desk using their BMCC ID card.

11. How Can I Transfer eBooks to an eReader device?

Patrons can download and transfer ebooks to their ereader device. Detailed instructions specific to an ebook collection is available in the right navigation under Instructions for….

*For more information on ebooks see the eBook Access Comparisons