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E-Book Frequently Asked Questions

1. How I can access e-books from the Library?

There are two ways to access e-books from the Library website. E-books can be accessed through the Library Catalog. E-books can also be accessed through the Library E-books page. Here, patrons can browse the e-book databases.

2. Do I need special software to download e-books?

Two e-book databases require Adobe Digital Edition, Ebrary and Ebscohost. However, Ebrary E-books allow for the creation of image PDFs similar to their page printing limit. All other BMCC owned e-book database collections, such as Ovid, Springer, and Palgrave, offer a PDF download.

3. Where can I get Adobe Digital Edition?

Patrons can download the Adobe Digital Edition from the link provided on the E-books page or download here. The software is free.

4. How can I access e-books from off campus?

Patrons need to log on using their BMCC wireless username and password in order to access and download e-books. The off campus instructions for the Library's e-resources can be found here.

5. Can I print e-books?

Yes, permissions vary from e-book vendor to vendor, but usually printing from e-books is allowable and printing limit on the pages can be found here.

6. Can I check out e-books?

Patrons may choose to view any e-book within the BMCC e-book collection, without checking it out, by clicking on the e-book link. E-books in the Ebscohost e-book database and Ebrary e-book database may be checked out for 7 days and 14 days, respectively. Patrons must create a MyEbscohost account to check out an e-book from the Ebscohost e-book database. Patrons need to log on using their BMCC wireless username and password in order to checkout e-books from the Ebrary e-book database while on and off campus.

7. How can I return e-books if I checked out certain e-book on my device?

When the loan period is over, the e-book is checked in automatically and is available for others to use.

8. How can I get access to an e-book if it is already checked out to someone?

In the case of Ebscohost, there is a limit to the number of simultaneously checked out e-books. If someone else has already checked out an e-book title from the Ebscohost e-book database, a patron may still access the e-book's table of contents and opt for an e-mail notification for its checkout availability.

9. How can I access an e-book if the title link, or URL link, is not working in the Library Catalog, either on or off campus?

If an e-book title link is not working in the Library Catalog, try to access the title in the appropriate e-book database on the E-books page. Please report the dead link to the Library.

10. Can I borrow an e-reader from library?

Yes, patrons can checkout e-readers for 7 days from the Library's Periodical Desk using their library-activated BMCC ID card.

11. How can I transfer e-books to an e-reader device?

Patrons can download and transfer e-books to their e-reader device. Detailed instructions specific to an e-book collection are available on the Library's Handouts page.

*For more information on e-books see the E-Book Access Information Chart.