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WebLinks Database Update Policy
When the Virtual Library project was announced in 1998, it was to be a “library without books.” The notion consisted of three integrated parts: an ATM infrastructure suitable for streaming video and rich documents, a physical location housing 400 flat screen Internet stations, and a browser-based gateway to an extensive set of carefully managed information resources and associated services. The events of 9/11 knocked out the communication network and the library center at Fiterman Hall when it was rendered unusable because of the collapse of adjacent buildings. What remains is truly a Virtual Library that has met the challenge of supporting users on- or off-site. At the core of the BMCC Virtual Library is a database of classified and annotated links to digital resources on the Web.
Update Policy
In order to maintain a quality product and to avoid user frustration, it is the BMCC Library’s policy to update the links in the Virtual Library regularly.
BMCC Virtual Library
The BMCC Virtual Library is a gateway to the library’s electronic resources which include subscription databases for e-journals, e-books, and multimedia material. The Virtual Library also contains a database of 6,400 reviewed and annotated links.
Included subject areas correspond to the academic departments and subjects taught at Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Available formats are
  • Website (a page that may contain text, graphics, images, sound, or video; links are embedded in the text)
  • E-journal (a web version of a print journal of a journal that is available only on the web)
  • E-text (full text of books, dramas, poems, short stories and essays)
  • E-reference (such as bibliographies, glossaries, maps, statistics and encyclopedias).
Selection Criteria
A site will be added to the Virtual Library if it meets a majority of the following criteria:
Content of sites:
  • supports the BMCC curriculum
  • is relevant to the subject areas taught at BMCC
  • does not reflect bias
  • is up to date (where applicable)
  • is currently maintained (contains last revised date)
  • does not violate copyright restrictions
  • reflects the diverse student population at BMCC
  • Authoritative information, written by someone established in the field such as scholars, professionals, government officials, librarians or other experts.
  • Information is accurate in spelling and content.
  • Pleasing colors and graphics that convey information
  • Short loading time
  • Easy to navigate
  • Contain help files (where applicable)
  • Links are working
Update Frequency
  • The links in all subject categories will be checked for dead links once a month; dead links will be deleted immediately.
  • New links will be added regularly
  • The date at the bottom of this page indicates when the Virtual Library was last checked for dead links.
  • To report dead links please notify us at
The Virtual Library was last updated November 11, 2004