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Anthropology Resources

Anthropology is the study of humanity across time and geography.

Traditionally, this field is divided into four major subfields - Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics and Archaeology.


American Anthropological Association
“The American Anthropological Association (AAA), the primary professional society of anthropologists in the United States since its founding in 1902, is the world's largest professional organization of individuals interested in anthropology.”

A searchable, multilingual database of anthropological texts.

Anthropology Review Database
A database of refereed reviews with citations to those published in American Antiquity and the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, and a number of online publications and sites.

Anthropology Tutorials
From Palomar College, a large collection of study aids for the beginning anthropology student.

Internet Public Library: Anthropology
A collection of websites relating to many areas of anthropology.

Anthropology in the News
RSS feed from Texas A&M University.

Anthropology Biography Web
From Minnesota State University, a part of their eMuseum.


Archaeology is the study of artifacts both from ancient and contemporary times.

The latest research in archaeology, covering all countries and all human life, from early hominids to the modern people.

Becoming Human
A documentary and related resources produced by The Institute of Human Origins (Arizona State University).

Companion web site to the PBS series.

Archaeological terms defined.

Human ancestry
A timeline of hominid species.

Megalithic and Prehistoric Sites
A collection of links arranged by region, emphasizing Europe.


Linguistics is the study of language, including verbal and nonverbal communication, the social use of language, grammatical structure, semiotics, discourse analysis, narrative analysis and the history of languages.

Do You Speak American?
Companion web site to the PBS show.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World
“An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages.”

Index of Sounds
From the UCLA phonetics lab, sound recordings of all the sounds used in human language.

International Phonetic Association
This site has the notations and sound files for the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Language : an introduction to the study of speech
Full text of the classic book by Edward Sapir.

Linguist List
Provides information on language and language analysis, by maintaining a web-site with over 2000 pages and hosting searchable archives of over 100 other linguistic mailing lists and a peer-reviewed database of language and language-family information.

MLA Language Map
An interactive map of the United States showing the distribution of speakers of thirty languages

Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology is the study of the relationship between culture and the physical body. It includes evolution, population genetics, primatology, anthropometrics, forensics, osteology and nutritional anthropology.

Biological Anthropology Study Guide
Includes online quizzes and exercises.

Brain Museum
“This web site provides browsers with images and information from one of the world's largest collection of well-preserved, sectioned and stained brains of mammals. Viewers can see and download photographs of brains of over 100 different species of mammals (including humans) representing over 20 Mammalian Orders.”

Dental Microwear
Images and analysis of the microscopic scratches and pits that form on the teeth surfaces of humans and other primates. These models are used to reconstruct diets in human ancestors and other fossil primates.

Harvard Public Health Review
current issue, with links to archived issues.

Human Biology Lecture Notes and Workbooks
From the University of Leeds.

Society for Medical Anthropology
Contains research on topics including aging, bioethics, migrant health and the history of medicine as well as links to journals, organizations, databases and research methods.

Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology

American Folklife Center
Ethnographic resources related to folklore, anthropology, ethnomusicology, and the humanities from the Library of Congress.

American Folklore Society
A definition of folklore and extensive bibliography.

Encyclopedia Mythica
A collection of mythology, folklore and religion arranged by geographical region. There is also an image gallery, bestiary and a section for heros.

National Anthropological Archives
A variety of online exhibits from the Smithsonian Institute.

U.S. Census Bureau State Data
A cooperative program between the states and the Census Bureau to make data available locally to the public through a network of state agencies, universities, libraries, and regional and local governments.

University of Michigan Statistical Resources
A vast collection of online statistical resources.

African Lives
“This series of occasional articles chronicles the joys and struggles in the everyday lives of African peoples”, from the Washington Post.

Hmong Homepage
Hmong news, issues, history, publications, culture, repatriation and resettlement.

Anthropology of Religion
Companion study guide site to the book by R. H. Crapo.

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