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How to Use the Library Catalog

Find Books

The Library Catalog can be used from any computer with Internet access. No password or login is required.

Before you start searching, click the 'Select Individual CUNY Libraries' link and select BMCC to limit your search to BMCC resources. At the top of the screen it should say:

CUNYPlus Library Catalog

Search by Keyword

  • Think of keywords that describe your topic. Start out with only one or two keywords.
    Too many results? Add more keywords to your search.
    Not enough results? Use fewer keywords and/or come up with other keywords.

  • Combine your keywords with 'and.'
    For example, if you want to find a book that talks about diabetes in African Americans try:
    diabetes AND African Americans

  • On the results page, click the number of the book for more information about it:

  • Click the library name in the 'Holdings' column to find the book call number, its location in the Library and if it is checked out or on the shelf:

Search Results

  • The Library Catalog allows you to select records to print, save, or e-mail. Check off the box next to the item that you want:

  • If you want to collect records from more than one search, you can select records and save them in a folder. Check the records you want to save and click:

    • Step 1:
      Click 'Folder' at the top of the screen to view the list of records you've picked:

    • Step 2:
      This list can be printed, saved to disk, or sent to your e-mail ('Catalog card' under Documents format is easier to read than 'OPAC format'):

    • Step 3:
      Selected records can be retrieved by clicking:


The browse function shows an alphabetical list for your search word. For example, if you search the name 'Mallory' in the author index, a list starting with the closest match to your keyword will come up. The list includes the number of items available in the library by this author.

If you browse the subject index, an alphabetical list starting with the closest match to your keyword will come up. Example for a browse search for the word 'immigrants':

Browse screen

Journal Title Search

Use the Journal Title Search to find out if BMCC or another CUNY college subscribes to a certain print magazine or newspaper. Electronic journals and magazines are not cataloged and do not show up in the Library Catalog.

Reserve Search

My Account: Renew Books Online

Login to My Account to see all the books you have checked out and when they are due. You can also renew books online:

  • Step 1:
    Click My Account.
  • Step 2:
    Type your ID Card library barcode number into both the barcode and the password box.
  • Step 3:
    Under 'Activities' click 'Current Loans'.
  • Step 4:
    Check the boxes of the books that you want to renew and click 'Renew Selected'.