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Aug. 27 - Dec. 22, 2015

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Nursing Videos Title List

AARC Broadcast Education of the Patient with Asthma
Addicted Brain
Addiction and the Family (1987)
Administering Medications by Injection (1993)
Administering Medications by IV (1993)
Administering Medication by Nonparenteral Routes (1993)
Administration of Subcutaneous & Intramuscular Injections (1996)
AIDS: Profile of an Epidemic... Update (1987)
AIDS: A Biological Perspective (1995)
Alcohol Addiction (N/A)
Anatomy I and II (1997)
Anorexia & Bulimia (1988)
Applying Restraints (1993)
Art of Bedside Care: ABC's of Nursing Procedures (1992)
Artificial Airways (1993)
Assessing the Respiratory Patient
Attacking Your Allergies (1994)

Bacteria (N/A)
Bacteria and Viruses (1994)
Basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act (1992)
Basics of the Infant Chest (1988)
Bathing (1993)
Bedmaking (1993)
Behavioral Treatment of Autistic Children (N/A)
Being a Fat Child (1988)
Birth Control: Myths and Methods (1991)
Body Building, Body Breaking (1988)
Body Mechanics, Exercise, and Activity (1993)
Brain, The (2004)
Brain: Learning and Memory (1980)
Brain: Madness (N/A)
Breast Cancer (1988)

Care of the Client with Chest Tubes (1993)
Care Plans
Caring for Sick Children (1993)
Catheterization & Urinary Care (1993)
Central Venous Access Devices (1993)
Cervical Cancer (1989)
Chemical Called Cocaine, A (1988)
Child Abuse (1988)
Child Development: The First two Years (1993)
Childhood: The Enchanted Years (1972)
Cocaine & Heart Attacks (1987)
Coping with the Pediatric Emergency

DNA Profiling (2003)
DRG's: The Medical Records Dimension Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (1990)
Drug Prevention (1987)

Equipment and Oxygen Therapy (1993)

Female Alcoholism (1988)
Female Circumcision: Human Rites (1998)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (1981)
Head Injuries (1988)

Health Quiz # 34: The Baby Test (1997)
Healthy Eating For A Healthy Baby (1997)
High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation
High Risk Pregnancy (1987)
Home Oxygen for Infants and Young Children (1989)
Home Tracheotomy Care for Infants and Young Children (1989)
How Health Is Your Diet (1988)
How to Prevent Accidents (1988)
Hygiene & Personal Care (1993)

Inpatient Management of COPD
Inside A cell (2000)
Introduction to Diet, Nutrition & Cancer, An (1995)
Investigations in Microbiology. Oncogenes (2003)
IV Fluid Therapy (1994)

Little Clay Cart Digital Restoration 2002
Living Body, The: A New Life (1984)
Living Body, The: Aging (1984)
Living Body, The: Dream Voyage (1984)
Living Body, The: Internal Defense (1984)
Living Body, The: Messengers (1984)

Maintaining the IV System (1994)
Managing the Mechanically Ventilate Patient: Endotracheal Tubes-Chest Tubes-Aersols
Medical Asepsis and Infection Prevention (1994)
Medication Administration Guidelines (1994)

Neonatal & Pediatric Ventilators: What's the Difference?
New Respiratory Drugs: What, When and How?
Noninvasive Ventilation: The Latest Word VC013
Nutrition (1994)
Nutrition for Prevention (1997)
Nutrition for Living (1994)
Nutrition for Living (2003)

Oropharyngeal, Nasopharyngeal, and Nasotracheal Suction (1994)

PEEP: The State of The Art
Physiology of Exercise (1987)
Phytochemicals (1997)
Postoperative Skills (1993)
Preoperative Skills (1993)
Pressure vs. Volume Ventilation: Does It Matter?
Promoting Adequate Oxygenation (1994)
Promoting Bowel Elimination (1993)
Prostate Cancer (1987)

Reality Check: HIV Testing for Youth (N/A)
Respiratory Emergencies (1988)
Respiratory Suctioning (1996)
Responding to the Handicapped (2004)
Routine Pulmonary Function Testing "Doing It Right"

Science Show, The: A Practical Guide to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (2003)
Science Show, The: Our Immune System (2004)
Science Show, The: The Science of Hearing (2003)
Smoker's Luck (N/A)
Smokers: Hazardous to Your Health (1993)
Smoking: Time to Quit (1994)
Smoking/Emphysema: A Fight for Breath (1975)
Specimen collection (1993)

Theory and Application of Neonatal Ventilation: What, When and Why?
Tissue-Oxygen Delivery (1989)
Tracheostomy Care (1994)
Tracheostomy Care (1996)
Treating Penetrating Wounds (1988)
Truth & the Consequences: Drug & Alcohol Abuse (1987)

Urinary Catheterization: Female & Male (1996)
Use of Peripheral Access Device (1994)
Venereal Disease (1972)

VC017 Invasive Ventilation: The Last World
Ventilator Graphics: What's With That Wave?
Ventilators and their Management
Violence against Women (2003)
Vital Signs (1993)
VTR#22 "Pediatric Asthma In the ER"

Windows on the Body (1988)
Woman's Heart, A (1994)
Woman's Risk, A (1988)
Women and AIDS (1990)
Women and Disease (2003)
Women and Stress (1987)
Women And Weight Loss (1987)
Wound Care & Applying Dressings (1993)