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January 23 - 29, 2015

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Off Campus Access to the Library's Electronic Resources

There are two ways to access databases from off campus. The preferred method is to use the BMCC Databases. If you are unable to log on, try logging on to the CUNY Databases as an alternative.

Need assistance? Click here to play a "logging in from off-campus" tutorial video.

1. BMCC Databases (Preferred)

The off campus access for the BMCC Library Databases is the same password that is used for pc login, wireless network access, student email, and the BMCC portal.

Don't know your password?

If you don't have an off campus password, you must set one up before you use the library databases through the BMCC portal.

Don't know your username?

  • Your username is the same as the first part of your BMCC email address. For most students, your username is your “firstname.lastname”.
  • For example toni.morrison

For freshmen and returning students, the default password is a combination of your initials, and your year and month of birth:

  • FirstInitialFirstName+FirstInitialLastName+YYYY+MM
    Example: Default password for John Doe is JD199901
  • After first use, you must go to BMCC Portal to change your default password. Your new password will expire in 90 days.

Still having trouble?

The password reset for the portal password is now available online through the BMCC portal page. If your username is correct, try resetting your password.

If you still can't log on, try logging on to the CUNY Databases for now. Later, visit the College Computer Center in room S-112 or contact the Student Helpdesk at (212) 220-8002.

What is the username and password for faculty and staff?

Log on with the Novell username and password assigned to you.

Your Novell username and password are what you enter to log on to your office computer.

If you can't log on with your Novell username and password or don't have a Novell account, go to the College Computer Center in room S-165 or contact the Helpdesk at x8379.

2. CUNY Databases

Log in through the CUNY E-Journals and Reference Databases page

  1. Be sure your library card number on your BMCC ID is activated. If you've checked out a book recently your card is activated. Otherwise, stop by the Circulation Desk in the Library to activate it.

  2. Visit the CUNY Databases page OR Click ALL Databases A-Z. Then click CUNY Databases on the right side of the page under QUICK LINKS: Select a database.

  3. A window will pop up asking for your barcode. Enter your 14 digit BMCC ID barcode number, which is found on the back of your ID card. It starts with the digit 2.