Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

Difference of Scholarly and Popular Articles

Scholarly Popular
How long is the article? Longer articles: detailed analysis of topics. Shorter articles: broader overviews of topics.
Who wrote it? An expert, specialist or researcher. A staff writer or journalist, credentials not provided
Do you need a dictionary to read it? Written in technical language for scholars and students. Vocabulary is easy to understand.
Any special format? More structured articles that include an abstract, methodology, or conclusion. Articles don’t follow a particular structure.
Graphs vs. photographs Graphs. Articles include tables, charts, or graphs that illustrate the text. Photographs. Articles have glossy photographs and large advertisements.
Who edits the articles? Experts. Articles are read and evaluated before publication. Non-experts. Articles are chosen by staff editors.
Is there a bibliography or works cited section? Yes. Research is documented with footnotes, endnotes, and/or a bibliography. No. Names of reports and sources might be mentioned, but not documented in a bibliography.

Compiled by Flor Hernandez, former Website Manager