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Speech Resources

Types of Speeches

  • Informative Speech
    Speaker teaches his/her audience by conveying information and facts about objects, processes, events, or concepts.
  • Persuasive Speech
    Speaker takes a stance on an issue and uses arguments to convert the audience to his or her point of view.

Find a Topic

Think of something you know a lot about, like a hobby, or something you want to learn more about. Keep in mind that finding sources is much easier if your topic isn't obscure. Read a newspaper or watch the news to find out what issues are hot and talked about a lot.

Additional Resources:

  • Speech and Term Paper Topics - get ideas for a speech topic.
  • Opposing Viewpoints - books on current topics like abortion, the death penalty, gambling, and much more. Search the Library Catalog for books to check out.
  • Lamm, Kathryn (1995). 10000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports and Speeches. New York: ARCO.
    Location: Stacks - LB 1047.3.I35 1998

Find Sources

It takes time to research, write a book and get it published, so it is difficult to find a book on a very current subject. For example, it is extremely unlikely that you could have found a well-researched book on the events of September 11th as early as December 2001.

Articles in magazines and journals are published on a weekly or monthly basis, or in the case of newspapers, even daily. This means it is much easier to find articles on current topics.

  • Most of the library's journals are available in databases. The databases can be used in the library and off campus.
  • The library also subscribes to many journals and magazines in print. For help finding articles go to the Periodicals room in the back of the library (S410).

Web Resources
Anybody can publish on the Web. Just because a Website exists doesn't mean the information in it is reliable. Therefore, it is important to evaluate Web content before you use it in a speech or paper.




Organizing and Delivering a Speech


  • De la Cruz, Adriano (2000). Curso de oratoria : como aprender a hablar en publico en diez horas. Santo Domingo : Editora Collado.
    Location: Stacks - PN 4128.D35
  • DeVito, Joseph A. (2000). The Elements of Public Speaking. New York : Longman.
    Location: Stacks - PN 4121.D389
  • Lucas, Stephen (2012). The Art of Public Speaking. Boston : McGraw-Hill.
    Location: Stacks - PN 4121.L72 2001

Web Resources

  • Informative Speaking
    Structure and outline of an informative speech with a method to improve delivery.
  • Tips for stage presence and gestures when delivering a speech.

Famous Speeches


  • (2000)The American Reader: Words that Moved a Nation. New York, NY : Perennial.
    Location: Stacks - E173 .A753 1990
  • (1996)Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans. New York : Gale Research.
    Location: Stacks - PS 663.M55 V64 1996