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Speech & Term Paper Topics: Marijuana

Web Resources:

InfoFacts - Marijuana
Basic information on marijuana such as its effects and some usage statistics.
Marijuana: Facts for Teens
Information on what marijuana is, the number of teens who use it, and how marijuana affects its user.
Marijuana Policy Project
This site supports marijuana use by sick people.
MEDLINEplus: Marijuana Abuse
Large amount of information on marijuana abuse, prevention and treatment.
Nat'l Academies Press, Marijuana as Medicine?
Full text of the report "Marijuana as Medicine?: The Science beyond the Controversy" (2000).
Notice: Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base
"This report summarizes and analyzes what is known about the medical use of marijuana; it emphasizes evidence-based medicine."
The Science of Medical Marijuana
Information on the medical use of marijuana.


Mack, A. (2001). Marijuana as medicine? : the science beyond the controversy. Seattle: Madrona Publishers.
Location: Stacks - RM666.C266 M325 2001

Hermes, W. J. (1992). Marijuana: its effects on mind & body. New York: Chelsea House.
Location: Stacks - RM316 E522 Vol. 15

Additional Resources: