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Finding Books

How do I find books in the BMCC Library?

Why use a paper based book?

When you are writing an academic paper your information needs are different from making flight reservations, or finding the best place to have pizza in 10 blocks.

You are looking for the highest quality of information that will help you.

Each book in the BMCC Library was selected because it adds something unique to the conversation about that topic.

Most of our books have not been digitized.

If you leave books out of your source material, you will have missed extremely important source material.

That means that you will not do as well on the assignment.

How to find Books in the BMCC Library

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Writing Topics:

  • Which book did you borrow? Why? Was it difficult to find?

Compare the call numbers generated by the three searches demonstrated in the video. How are they alike? How are they different?

Renewing Books at the BMCC Library