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Staying Honest

“Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else's ideas, words, or artistic/scientific/technical work as one's own creation. A student who copies or paraphrases published or on-line material, or another person's research, without properly identifying the source(s) is committing plagiarism…Plagiarism violates the ethical and academic standards of our college. Students will be held responsible for such violations, even when unintentional…”

BMCC Academics Rules and Regulations

Remixing and reusing has become an art form and a social phenomena. In college, however, the rules about what you can use, and how to use it are very different. Learning how to interpret material and cite it according to academic rules, is a survival skill. Learn how to do it well and you will be a much more successful student.

The Library has lots of resources to help you construct a works cited page.

MLA Resources on the BMCC Library Website

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BMCC Library MLA handout

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