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ERes Electronic Reserves: Faculty

About ERes

ERes is the BMCC Library's web-based reserves system accessible from the library web site. Students can view, download or print reserve items from off-campus, and multiple users can access documents simultaneously. Students can search by professor name, course number or department. Professors may include journal articles, book chapters, syllabi, assignments, PowerPoint presentations, websites, multimedia and streaming video on their pages. All class sites are password protected to support copyright compliance.

For information on using the service, visit our ERes Student Information Page.


The Library's policy governing access to copyrighted materials was developed in accordance with the United States Copyright Act of 1976, Section 107, which establishes the principle of fair use and allows copying for classroom use. For additional information on copyright compliance and educational fair use please consult the (C)OPYRIGHT @ CUNY site.

Reserves supplement a course rather than serve as a digital course pack. The number of items requested for any one course should not constitute a substantial portion of the overall workload.

With these guidelines in mind we have adopted the following semester and course limitations:

  • One article per journal issue.
  • One chapter per book or less than 10% of a work, whichever is smaller.
  • A limit of 30 articles will be scanned per class, per semester and a limit of five library videos may be added, per course, per semester.
  • Only official, legally purchased copies of video items.
  • No more than 5 videos. Currently we only support Windows Media Player to stream.
  • No submissions after the fourth week of the semester.
  • Faculty members are asked to be aware of established deadlines in order to decrease processing time.

Submitting Materials

In person:

  1. Complete the ERes Faculty Form.
  2. Bring completed forms to the Circulation Desk along with files submitted on CD, DVD, or USB Flash Drive.

Via email:

  1. Provide the following information: Your first and last names, course title and number, applicable semester, and article titles.
  2. To expedite the process, please include digital copies of the requested items.
  3. Attach all available files to your message and send to

Faculty members are asked to be aware of established deadlines in order to decrease processing time.

Alternative Sources of Video Materials

Films on Demand provides access to more than 5,500 educational and academic titles. Using our BMCC account faculty can organize and bookmark clips, share playlists, personalize folders, and manage their collections.

iTunes U manages, distributes, and control access to educational audio and video within the CUNY community via the Apple iTunes application. Available content includes course lectures, language lessons, and lab demonstrations. CUNY offers guidelines for participating in the service and ensuring your materials are supplied to students.