Borrow Laptops & More



Media/Periodicals Desk


Contact 212.220.8000 x7206

“With a validated BMCC ID card, you can borrow tablets and laptops from the Media/Periodicals Desk (S410Q).”

Dell Laptops*

Laptops are available for three-hour loan either from the self serve kiosk by the Media/Periodicals desk or directly at the Media/Periodicals desk.

They can be checked out a half -hour after the library opens.
Last checkout is two hours before closing.

Anything you wish to save must be saved to a USB drive and printing is not available.

Dell Tablets*

Tablets are available for three-day loan and can be checked out a half-hour after the library opens.

Battery Chargers

Chargers are available for three-hour loan. While the chargers work with most devices Apple users are advised to bring their own cable to plug into the charger.


We have several dozen scientific calculators. They can be checked out for either seven days with no renewals or one month with one renewal.

Graphing calculators are available to be checked out for seven days.


SMART Kapp boards are available and may be reserved for two (2) hours with no renewals. Use of the SMART Kapp Board is first come, first served and by reservation. The CUNY appropriate computer usage policy applies to all SMART Kapp Board usage.

*To borrow equipment from the Periodicals Desk, students must have a validated BMCC ID card. The CUNY appropriate computer usage policy applies to all computer usage, including use of Laptops and Tablets.

Tablets and laptops are subject to overdue fines of $15 for every hour they are late up to a maximum of $150.  Replacement and repair fees may also be charged if the equipment is damaged.