Copy, Scan & Print

About Copying Machines

  • Self-service copy machines are in the Main Library (S410) and the Quiet Study (S430) as well as Fiterman Hall (seventh floor Quiet Study area) and the Murray Building (tenth floor lounge).
  • Letter size (8 1/2 x 11) and legal size (8 1/2 x 14) copies only.
    No special paper, transparencies, and color copies.
  • Student aides are available to clear paper jams and add paper.

Scanning and Printing

Print Using Cash or Credit

  • Use your BMCC ID card to make copies, scan, and print!
  • By default, your account number is your 12-digit Student ID card number and your PIN is the year and month of your birth followed by the number 01 (YYYYMM01).
  • To add using Cash, download handout:
    Add Value Machine Instructions (PDF)
  • To add with Credit or Debit Card, download handout:
    Add-Money-Using-a-Credit-Card-or-PAYPAL (PDF)

Copying/Printing Charges

B&W Printing 10 cents/page
B&W Copying 10 cents/page
Color Printing 50 cents/page
Scanning 5 cents/page


  • Refunds are not issued if you copied or printed unwanted pages.
  • Refunds are limited to twenty (20) copies (a maximum of two ($2) dollars).
  • Refunds larger than two ($2) dollars require an investigation before payments are disbursed.