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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is offered to faculty and staff who possess a valid and current BMCC ID and library barcode. The ILL Department makes every effort to borrow material from libraries within the New York Metropolitan area. If the desired material is outside this region, requests are sent to libraries throughout the United States that have no borrowing fees.

Policies and procedures:

  • ILL is NOT offered to students.
  • ILL requests are created by completion of this form, through e-mail to , telephone, or walk-in.
  • Accurately completed online forms, with as much information as possible, are processed quicker and are more successful.
  • The ILL Department notifies the requestor by telephone or email that material arrived, average time is one to two weeks.
  • The ILL Department makes three attempts to locate a requested item, after which the requestor is notified that the material is not available.
  • Material can be retrieved and returned to the Media/Periodicals Desk.
  • Lending institutions determine loan period and renewal guidelines for material.
  • Renewal requests should be submitted prior to the due date.
  • Any material that is lost, stolen, or damaged is the sole responsibility of the borrower, and they will be charged with the replacement value amount and blocked in the Library Catalog.