Library Instruction

*** Note: Depending on your device, you may need to SCROLL UP once you submit the form to see your confirmation. ***

Guidelines for Faculty

  • Classes take place in room S410M, a “Smart” classroom with an interactive whiteboard and need to be scheduled two weeks in advance.
  • You must attend library instruction classes with their students.
  • Instruction is not offered when the library is not open.
  • Requests for instruction during off-hours will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Faculty should contact Prof. Brown directly.
  • There are no paper request forms. You are encouraged to fill out the online form. However, faculty have the option to contact Prof. Brown directly.

Faculty Requesting a Class

  • Fill out the form on the left.
  • When a request is received, Prof. Brown will review your request.
  • If the date is not available, you will receive a prompt e-mail.
  • If the date is available, you will receive an acknowledgement and first confirmation from Prof. Brown within the next workday.
  • You will receive a final confirmation about ten (10) days before the class with the librarian instructor’s name.

Library Instructors

  • Prof. Brown receives requests and adds them to the BMCC library instruction calendar in Outlook.
  • You are invited to review the calendar regularly and sign up for classes.
  • Prof. Brown will also contact you, requesting assistance with particular classes.
  • The class schedule is posted in paper just over a week beforehand. At that time the schedule is set, and ideally no changes are accepted from that point on.